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Spinal pain

Chiropractic adjustments pain relief

February 06, 20242 min read

Chiropractic and Pain Relief

Chiropractic adjustments are a form of manual therapy commonly used by chiropractors to address various musculoskeletal conditions and promote overall well-being. While chiropractic care is often sought for pain relief, it is important to note that the scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness and specific mechanisms of action is still evolving.

Chiropractic adjustments primarily focus on manipulating the spine and other joints to improve joint mobility, reduce pain, and enhance function. It is believed that restoring proper joint motion can alleviate pain and facilitate the body's natural healing processes. However, the specific mechanisms behind these effects are not yet fully understood.

One proposed mechanism is related to the concept of neural plasticity. Neural plasticity refers to the brain's ability to reorganize and adapt its structure and function in response to internal and external stimuli. It is thought that chiropractic adjustments may influence neural plasticity by modulating sensory input from the joints, muscles, and other tissues. By enhancing joint motion and reducing pain, chiropractic adjustments may potentially affect the central nervous system, including the brain, and promote adaptive changes in neural pathways.

Furthermore, chiropractors often emphasize the importance of proper brain-body communication for optimal health and well-being. They believe that disruptions or imbalances in this communication, often attributed to misalignments or dysfunctions in the spine, can negatively affect overall health. Chiropractic adjustments are intended to restore joint mobility and alignment, aiming to improve the transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and the rest of the body.

It's worth noting that while many people report positive experiences and benefits from chiropractic care, the scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness is still limited and mixed for various conditions beyond low back pain. The field of chiropractic continues to evolve, and ongoing research is being conducted to better understand its mechanisms of action and determine its efficacy for different health concerns.

If you're considering chiropractic care for pain relief or other health issues, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or chiropractor who can evaluate your specific condition and provide personalized advice. They can help you make an informed decision and determine if chiropractic adjustments or other treatment options are appropriate for your needs.

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1.    American Chiropractic Association (ACA): The ACA provides information on chiropractic care and research through its website and publications. You can visit their website at

2.    International Chiropractors Association (ICA): The ICA is another organization that promotes chiropractic care and research. Their website,, offers resources for both chiropractors and the general public.

3.    Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT): This peer-reviewed scientific journal focuses on chiropractic care and related topics. It publishes research articles and studies. Access to the journal may require a subscription or membership.

4.    Chiropractic & Manual Therapies: This open-access journal publishes research on chiropractic care, manual therapies, and related fields. Their website,, provides access to articles free of charge.

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