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Proper Workplace Ergonomics Explained By Your Blue Springs Chiropractor

Unfortunately, in the Blue Springs area, people get hurt on the job every day. There are, however, some tasks that employees can take to minimize the chance of a work injury. Try some of the following tips to remain safe while on the job.

Man suffering from back pain

Avoid Repetitive Motions

Doing the same movements day after day on the job may lead to pain, numbness, tingling, or discomfort in a portion of the body. It is extremely important to see a physician at the first signs of a problem. Repetitive stress injuries often lead to lost days of work. If repetitive motions are required for a job, ask your employer for breaks from the action at reasonable intervals. Swapping jobs with another co-worker every hour also helps to keep both people from repeating the same movements in excess, thereby reducing the chance of a work injury.

Use The Right Equipment

If a job requires you to sit down at a desk to do work, the way your electronic equipment and furniture is positioned can have an impact on your overall health. Use a lumbar cushion to help give your back support. Consider using a sit-down/stand up desk to help keep your body from staying in one position for too long of a time. Make sure your computer monitor is not positioned too high or low so your neck does not strain while conducting your work activities.

Come Visit Dr. Tucker, Your Blue Springs Chiropractor

Going to a chiropractor is Blue Springs to have an evaluation done of the body is an option to help keep it limber and free of injury. Explain your work duties to your practitioner and have them conduct an analysis of parts of the body you feel are over-stressed while on the job. They will also provide ideas pertinent to your field of work to help you avoid a work injury. 

If you have a work injury, or if you feel a visit to a chiropractor in Blue Springs is beneficial to help you to avoid one, going to a practice with plenty of experience in this field is necessary. Contact Tucker Chiropractic at 816-228-8900 to find out more today.

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