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Your Blue Springs Chiropractor Relieves Neck Pain with Chiropractic Adjustment

Recurring neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints treated by chiropractors. Reasons for chronic neck pain range from strained muscles and misaligned spinal vertebrae to injury and overexertion. Chiropractic techniques used by your Blue Springs chiropractor for relieving neck ache include adjustments to your upper and lower spine, decompression of the spine (Thompson technique) and the specific prone technique. To determine what is causing neck pain, your chiropractor will examine your spine for signs of slipped discs, misalignment and other problems that often cause pain to radiate into your shoulders, neck, and head.your blue springs chiropractor relieves neck pain

When You Need Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

All of us have suffered neck pain and stiffness due to sitting at the computer too long and holding our heads in a fixed position. Typically, this pain subsides after we leave the computer and start moving our heads and necks normally. When a simple neck ache continues or returns even though we haven't strained our neck muscles, the problem may involve upper vertebrae pressing on nerve endings in the spine.

You should consider visiting your Blue Springs chiropractor if neck pain:

  • Intensifies when you are on the computer or driving
  • Includes chronic muscle spasms and muscle tightness
  • Causes you to have difficulty moving your head without feeling moderate to severe neck pain
  • Is accompanied by recurring headaches, migraines and/or tingling and numbness in your hands and fingers
  • Radiates into your arms and shoulders

Treatment for Vertebral Subluxation and Neck Pain at Our Blue Springs Chiropractic Clinic

Vertebral subluxation is often referred to by chiropractors as a "complex" consisting of a segment of the spine that has become biomechanically dysfunctional. If you are diagnosed with subluxation complex by your chiropractor, he may examine you further to determine whether additional medical conditions exist as a result of subluxation negatively affecting your central nervous system. In fact, vertebral subluxations not only cause neck, back and leg pain but may also be responsible for chronic headaches, fibromyalgia symptoms, impaired immune system functioning and even some gastrointestinal disorders.

If upper or lower spinal vertebrae have been displaced out of their normal positions, they press against sensitive nerve endings extending from the spine into your body. Compressed nerves rapidly become irritated, inflamed and dysfunctional, affecting normal nervous system processes. Chronic neck pain and stiffness that does not diminish with rest or ibuprofen is usually the result of upper cervical vertebrae pushed out of place and pressing against nerve endings.

Call Our Blue Springs Chiropractic Center Today!

Our caring staff of chiropractors understands what it is like to suffer neck pain that is consistently and incorrectly diagnosed and treated by traditional physicians. At our Blue Springs chiropractic center, we provide holistic, drug and surgery free neck pain treatment consisting of diversified adjustments, Activator adjustments, Thompson decompression and posture correction if applicable. Call Tucker Chiropractic P.C. today to schedule an appointment: 816-228-8900.

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