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Upper Back Pain Treatment with our Blue Springs Chiropractic

When you think of back pain and back problems, the lower or lumbar area probably comes to mind. Then one day you realize that the space between your shoulder blades is killing you. Upper back problems can and do occur, and when they do, the pain you experience can be just as sharp and unremitting as anything you'd experience lower down. That's when it's time to consult Tucker Chiropractic for non-invasive answers to your upper back pain.

Chiropractor treating upper back pain

What Can Go Wrong in Your Thoracic Spine

Doctors assign the different regions of the spine into different categories. The first several vertebrae of the spinal column, which includes the neck, make up the cervical spine. The 12 vertebrae beneath the cervical spine are known as the thoracic vertebrae. These vertebrae and/or their surrounding tissues are frequently the source of upper back pain. Your symptoms may stem from imbalances and conditions such as:

  • A herniated/bulging thoracic disc or bone spur pressing against nerve tissue
  • Arthritis of the thoracic spinal joints
  • Strained soft tissues in the back or between the ribs
  • Subluxation (slight dislocation) of a rib where it connects to the spine
  • Muscle knots caused by fibromyalgia
  • Office ergonomics that force you stoop or hunch over all the time
  • An auto accident injury or sports injury that forces the thoracic spine out of alignment
  • A lifelong alignment issue that promotes chronic muscle tension and spasms

Spinal Adjustment and Other Soothing Techniques from Our Chiropractor

Upper back pain can severely limit your mobility, potentially affecting your shoulders as well as your back, while making a good night's sleep an impossible dream. If you're tired of suffering from this symptom but you're wary of surgical solutions, you'll be glad you visited Tucker Chiropractic. Our Blue Springs chiropractor uses digital X-rays and other specialized diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the part of your thoracic spine that's giving you trouble.

Our clinic can offer multiple treatment methods to help you banish that upper back pain. Chiropractic adjustments can bring both vertebral components and subluxated ribs back into their preferred positions. (These corrections can also relieve nerve compression, chronic muscular strain, and disc issues.) Acupuncture provides non-pharmaceutical pain relief, while corrective exercises and lifestyle advice can help you maintain a stronger, straighter upper back.

Call Our Blue Springs MO Office for an Appointment

Don't let upper back pain limit your ability to work, have fun, and generally enjoy your life. Call our Blue Springs MO office today at 816-228-8900 to schedule a consultation, spinal exam, and all-natural treatment. We can help you get the upper hand over your upper back pain!

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