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About Us

At Tucker Chiropractic, your health is our happiness. Our Blue Springs chiropractor and his talented wellness team are truly committed to improving your quality of life, and we use a combination of ancient and innovative techniques to accomplish our wellness goals. Instead of providing quick fixes for temporary symptoms, we want to maximize your full potential as a healthy, happy, conscious human being. That starts with holistic, all-natural chiropractic services that are customized for each and every individual we see.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help all of those who want and need our help with a vision of health and happiness for everyone with a purpose to serve mankind. This is done through our office with the consciousness of "quality attitudes and procedures" in such a manner as to educate all people, so they can come to realize and experience their full potential as a result of the very best of health care. 

The office is a single location, single-provider practice that offers a full range of care for families and individuals to include chronic and acute conditions, personal injury, and wellness. The office accepts all major medical plans, contracted HMOs, PPOs and cash.

About Our Blue Springs Chiropractic Practice    

You might be asking, “what makes Tucker Chiropractic different from any other chiropractor near me?” We are a single-location, single-provider practice, ensuring that you always get one-on-one attention from the same chiropractor in Blue Springs MO. We integrate our chiropractic care with other therapies and techniques, but all of our methods are non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and all-natural, which keeps your risks and recovery needs to a minimum while maximizing your full-body health. But most importantly, we truly take your individual needs into consideration.

Our chiropractic team is committed to holistic care, which means we take your whole body and lifestyle into account instead of treating isolated symptoms. We know that pain, discomfort, and mobility problems are usually signs of trauma somewhere in the body, and our goal is to identify and treat this trauma in order to help your body heal. Our chiropractic care always starts with a comprehensive chiropractic exam, which allows us to customize a treatment plan for your particular needs. More than one factor may be preventing you from healing, so we take a look at your lifestyle too, and we may develop a lifestyle plan to correct unhealthy habits and maximize your overall wellness.

Through years of practice and continuing education, Dr. Tucker uses a very gentle, specific, non invasive technique.  Often times the adjustments may be partnered with non invasive electro acupuncture and therapy to help provide relief. Dr. Tucker's exposure to chiropractic care came very early in his life.  As an infant, six months of age, he took very ill.  His parents took him to multiple medical doctors.  Eventually, his parents were told it was a mystery and they really did not know how to treat their sick infant.  The most devastating news came when the medical doctors told them "we hope he can survive this illness."  In sheer desperation, it was suggested by a family friend to take their infant to a chiropractor.  Once treatments began their infant started to thrive and become a healthy baby once again.  From that day forward chiropractic care has seen Dr. Tucker through many sports injuries, colds, flu's etc...  This prompted him to choose the same field that saved his life as an infant. 

Meet Your Chiropractor in Blue Springs MO

Our Blue Springs chiropractor, Dr. Tucker, is living proof that chiropractic care is an effective alternative to traditional pain relief options. As a child, a chiropractor helped him combat a life-threatening illness to develop into a healthy, happy adult. He continued to rely on chiropractors to heal from sports injuries and illnesses, embracing the healing potential of all-natural therapies. Today, Dr. Tucker is proud to provide chiropractic care for Blue Spring patients of all ages and lifestyles, including families in search of answers and athletes who need pain relief and rehabilitation after injuries.

As an adult deciding what his future would hold, Dr. Tucker always had a certain thought in the back of his head, "what if my parents never tried chiropractic care?"  Dr. Tucker possesses a heart and a passion for helping as many people as possible through chiropractic care.  And that's exactly what Dr. Tucker has strived to do for the past 23 years. Dr. Tucker has lived in the Kansas City area since 1985 with his wife.  Dr. Tucker and his wife have two children ages 24 and 26.

Our Blue Springs Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic care looks different for every patient because we respond to your body and lifestyle in order to correct the long-term sources of pain and discomfort. Some of our chiropractic services include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments – Our innovative chiropractic techniques include a variety of manual and instrument-assisted adjustments that are designed to gently reposition your spine and joints.
  • Corrective Exercises – Some injuries and irregularities, such as tense arm muscles due to restricted tissue, can gradually be corrected by performing specific movements. Our chiropractor may teach you corrective exercises to loosen and move tissue back into its proper place.
  • Nutritional Counseling – Diet plays a big role in our body’s ability to self-regulate and support itself, so our chiropractor may make nutritional recommendations. Our nutritional programs are personalized to make sure you get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to heal and thrive.

Need a Blue Springs chiropractor for your aches and pains? Call Tucker Chiropractic today to make an appointment.

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